Monday July 10 2023


Category: Product Design / Mobility
Year: 2022

The Bpod is an autonomous, electric, modular and intelligent urban bus. It is designed for all kinds of users, mainly for people with reduced mobility. The main function of the Bpod is to transport people from one point to another in the city. Its functionality is simple, it has an electric battery that provides it with power, it also has solar panels that feed the electronic part of the pod. On the other hand, the Bpod has a particularity, it can be joined with other devices in the area, while sharing tracks. The system is simple, when they are one in front of the other, a magnetic force is activated in the front and in the back that makes them end up joining each other. In this way, they end up going together until their paths fork. The Bpod is going to be used by all kinds of people, from children, the elderly, the handicapped, young people, adults, people of all kinds, because it is designed for a public as wide as all the people who live in the city. The Bpod scenario is the city. Cities that want to be sustainable, eco-friendly, that want to leave behind the old times of fossil fuels and bet on the future. 


The ideation of this design was born from the idea of making traffic in the city more efficient, we talk about efficiency when we talk about reducing private transport, CO2 gas emissions, self-management and democratization of public transport for all types of users.

The challenge of this project is to design a futuristic vehicle for all citizens of the city that is innovative and uses clean energy that does not harm the city or its inhabitants.

Design Process

The design process of the B-pod is based on the research of shapes and on a modular system that is simple and functional to be able to adapt each device to the next or the previous one, in this way we ensure a modularity between each block in order to make this transport unique and innovative.

The design has been conceived to make the user feel welcome, so that the product creates a positive syntony between the users. With this design, in addition to the above, it is intended to create some social awareness about people with reduced mobility, all users sharing the same space. In short, the Bpod is innovative and futuristic, because it is the only cargo vehicle for people that is presented as modular, focusing on people with reduced mobility.

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