Monday July 10 2023

Hi! I’m Javier Serón ︎

I love to eat. I love to cook. I love nature. I love  I love music.
I love doing sports. I love to rest. I love sunny days. I love rainy days. I love art. I love culture. I love my roots. I love thinking.
I love be critical. I love analise. I love research. I love creativity.

And also I love Design.

I'm Javier Serón, born and raised in a small town called Tiana near to Barcelona, my academic experience ranges from Product Design and Innovation to User Experience Design and User Interface Design.

I am passionate about new challenges, finding and solving problems. I am a fan of simple and functional solutions, as well as adding aesthetic and social value to them.

During my years of education I have been able to learn the importance of research and thinking is key to design and to perform all kinds of projects, focusing on digital solutions. I have also learned the importance of the design process and not only the final result, that is, design as a process of innovation and improvement to reach a unique solution.

I am a creative person, with a great empathy for people and for my work, I love the collaboration in a team being a person with a great commitment, adaptable and high communication skills. I also stand out for being a neat and organized person when dealing with projects.

If you think that we have something in common, feel free to contact me!