Monday July 10 2023


Category:  UX & UI Design/App Design
Team: Hannah Adib, Yenny Rong & Me
Year: 2023

Re.Do is a collaborative economy digital platform based on the exchange of materials from the art and design sector, to fight against waste and encourage recycling and reuse of materials. Supported by Web3 and blockchain technology, Re-Do offers its users the ability to certify materials and authenticate their origins, thus ensuring that each material sold is 100% recycled or has had other uses. It also allows users to make easy, fast and secure transactions with their own Wallet. A project that combines sustainability and technology for a better future.

·Do provides a vibrant and exciting design that embraces technology-like elements and breaks with the common marketplace aesthetic. Simple to use and very self-explanatory its navegation is easy and fun to use.

The technology related to web3, gives us the opportunity to offer a unique traceability on the materials. Through sustainable certification, in Re-Do we can see the origin, ownership and projects made from the materials in the marketplace. This leads to NFTs , users exchange physical materials with their digital replicas to ensure traceability.


The first phase of the project, once we understood the problem, was the research. We based our search on the users and the whole technological concept that revolves around Re-Do. The research was based on the analysis of trends, interviews and surveys to people related to art and design with the objective of modeling users in order to analyze their pain points and turn them into strengths, market analysis and an exhaustive research about Web3 and Blockchain. The ultimate goal of this research has been to understand the user's needs based on our idea.


The next phase of the project is the definition of the App architecture. Prior to this phase of the project, we have already investigated the user's needs and we have already defined the objectives of our service, this is how we have been able to know everything that the platform must contain. From the architecture, we built a skeleton on paper to know all the content of the App. Afterwards, we define Flows for each user according to their main Pain Points to cover their needs and then, we define Wireframes based on the flows, having a primary vision about the app.


Once the information architecture was defined, the most important flows to represent in the prototype and the conceptualization of the design in the Wireframes, it was time to start developing the brand design and the UI. Our design is based on a disruptive and functional design, being an app aimed at designers and artists, we had the goal of creating something out of the ordinary and go a little out of the norm, with bold colors and shapes according to the brand image. The UI of Re-Do is intuitive and coherent with the actions that users can take, leaving the conventional standards.

In short, Re-Do is much more than a material exchange app aimed at artists and designers.
Re-Do is a new buying and selling system focused entirely on the use of an emerging technology in the digital world, being able to apply this business model to an endless number of applications.

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