Monday July 10 2023


Category: Product Design / Space Design / Yatch Design
Team: Andrés Otano, Marc Reniu, Me
Year: 2022

This project was a finalist in the worldwide Young Designer competition organized by Boat International.

My role in this project has been mainly based on the development of the user research, the planning of the exterior design of the ship, collaborating also in the interior design and the rendering of the 3D model.

The Magari yacht is based on a simple and innovative concept, adapting all its lines to a low and sporty profile. This boat totally differs from what is established and from everything that is traditional, offering the user a unique sailing experience. With 65 meters in length, she has a discreet and elegant line that in turn becomes an aggressive and provocative marine giant, generating a fighting character for the skipper of the boat. This is the raison of the Magari, a luxury object that gives courage and energy to everything inside it.

Like the exterior, the interior of it has an ideation that starts from the break with the traditional. Divided into three floors, the Magari offers wide and open spaces, allowing light to enter her interior, which fills the heart of this great ship with life. The three decks have been distributed in line with the needs and concerns of the user, it is for this reason that the interior of the Magari is fully in tune with the requirements of the skipper. The user has always been the center of this design. Giving privacy to personal areas and generating common spaces in which life emanates.

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