Monday July 10 2023

Food 2050

Category: Food Design / Product Design
Year: 2021
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Food 2050 opens a new paradigm.
This project presents a new vision about the food of the future.

Focusing on a dystopian future, 2050. A future hit by pandemics, where society stops smelling and tasting food due to the consequences of this disease. The main need that arises in the project is to return or offer a training experience so that users can recover these senses through the food.

The main concept of the project is the synesthesia and the human perception of colors, shapes, textures and emotions on the food and at lunchtime. This project is based on the experimentation, through food, of human perception and its five senses. It is an experimentation based on a mathematical relation of everything that builds the food beyond the taste.

The aim of this project is to speculate on what food would be like in this dystopian future that is reaching us by the minute. How can food help to awaken the dead senses as a result of COVID?

The Design Process

The design process was based on: Researching about food and the senses that accompany us when we eat, researching flavors, researching combinations and researching about color and shapes, and above all how to relate them to each other.

The ideation was really exciting, I learned a lot about topics that interest me but at the same time I ignored as the kitchen. I saw that all the information I had collected could be synthesized in an empirical way, thanks to mathematics I could relate all that I needed to create an innovative and futuristic food design.

For the realization of the design I was based on basic things that surround us in our day to day, for the construction of the food I looked at how atoms are composed, for the design I looked at the basic shapes and colors that we were taught from the German design school Bauhauss and for the manufacture of this I looked at  manufacturing methods such as additive manufacturing in 3D.

Food 2050 = Flavour (Color + Shape) + Emotion (Texture)